Our Services


Cruise and Passanger Vessels

PT. Sampuran Berkat Anchor provides agency services for cruise ships operating sea tourism trips. We assist in arranging departure schedules, coordinating with destination ports, and providing high-quality services to ensure an unforgettable holiday experience for passengers.


General Cargo Vessels

We are also agents for cargo ships that are responsible for arranging the delivery of goods by sea. With an extensive network and solid experience, we assist in scheduling, load coordination, and fulfillment of logistical requirements to ensure efficient and timely delivery of goods.


Container Vessels

A container ship is a cargo ship that carries all of its load in truck-size intermodal containers, in a technique called containerization


Tanker Vessels

As a tanker agent, we provide services for ships transporting various types of liquid materials, such as oil and gas. We assist in permit and approval processes, coordination of loading and unloading, as well as ensuring safety and compliance with applicable regulations.


Tug and Barges

PT. Jangkar Sampuran Berkat are also agents for tugboats and barges. We assist in arranging the towing and pushing of ships, coordinating ship movements in ports, and ensuring compliance with safety standards and shipping regulations.

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Special Purpose Vessel & Referee Container

We also provide agency services for special purpose vessels, such as special cargo vessels, research vessels, or offshore service vessels. In addition, we also provide agency services for referee containers, which are special containers used to facilitate logistics and testing activities.